Acinetobacter baumannii-calcoaceticus complex (A. baumannii for short) are Gram-negative bacteria that are found in the soil and environment, and are better known among the hospital medical community as opportunistic pathogens that are also highly antimicrobial resistant. Because of the ability of some strains to break down hydrocarbons, including diesel and crude oil, A. baumannii have also been tested […]

Carbapenemases are bacterial enzymes that break down the carbapenem class of antibiotics. As previously mentioned, these are some of the most powerful and broad-spectrum antibiotics, used for treatment of life-threatening infections and those infections caused by multidrug-resistant nosocomial bacteria. The majority of these carbapenemases are found in Gram-negative bacteria that are not able to catabolize […]

In the Sunday Times today, Editor at Large Han Fook Kwang wrote on the issue of overcharging by doctors and the healthcare industry, with one of the points being how the promotion of medical tourism in Singapore had perhaps also helped to promote such a culture (“Doctors v Doctors” – behind a paywall so I won’t […]