A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with Dr Piotr Chlebicki of Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and we discussed antimicrobial stewardship over a beer (or two). Antimicrobial stewardship – a more nuanced and acceptable term than “antimicrobial control” – refers to any number of interventions in a hospital setting that aims to […]

News about the G-7 Leaders’ Summit in Germany was somewhat overshadowed by the news about the South Korea MERS-CoV outbreak, at least in this part of the world. However, antimicrobial resistance was on the agenda, and can be found in the joint declaration by the leaders of G-7. The Annex to the Declaration can be found […]

The third and final day of the conference was held two days ago on Friday 13th March. Despite all the organisational and logistic hiccups, the conference itself in my opinion (biased as that may be given that I am on the organising committee!) was a resounding success. We were lucky and many things fell into […]

The second day of the conference was well attended and went well. It started with an early opening ceremony, graced by the President of the National University of Singapore Prof. Tan Chor Chuan, as well as Mdm. Kay Kuok, who is the chair of the Board of Trustees of the Courage Fund (the main sponsor […]

Currently attending the 15th APCCMI, which is held at the Sunway Convention Centre in KL, Malaysia. The conference is currently in its 2nd day, and will end on Saturday noon (29th November 2014). It brings together many clinician and researchers in the region who are focused on infectious diseases, particularly antimicrobial resistance. Antimicrobial stewardship is […]

Antimicrobial stewardship generally refers to hospital-based programs that attempt to improve the use of antimicrobial agents. These programs have arisen in large part because of the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance, and the sad (but entirely logical) recognition that antibiotic prescription guidelines are insufficient for improving antibiotic use and often poorly implemented. Appropriate antibiotic prescription […]