Clinical Vignettes

Interesting cases seen during the course of my clinical work.

25th August 2018: Facial pain and nasal discharge in a middle-aged man with asthma.

24th June 2018: Stepping on a sea urchin.

16th June 2018: Renal transplant patient with seizures and loss of consciousness.

3rd June 2018: A patient with renal transplant and leathery hands.

25th February 2018: A bronchiectasis patient with worsening cough and weight loss.

11th February 2018: An elderly man with fever and right buttock pain.

28th January 2018: A young man from India with generalized seizures.

6th January 2018: A young man with sore throat followed by fever, chills and jaundice.

21st October 2017: A man with primary autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and painful knee swelling.

16th September 2017: Bright orange urine.

26th June 2017: A young man with a cutaneous fungal abscess.

23rd June 2017: A young child with keriorrhea.

10th June 2017: A teenager with fever after visiting a Bruneian national park.

25th May 2017: A middle-aged man with sudden onset right eye pain and swelling.

30th April 2017: A middle-aged woman with IUD and pelvic abscess.

23rd Apri 2017: A young man with pruritis ani.

18th March 2017: A woman with liver cirrhosis who developed fever and a rash.

27th February 2017: A man with recurrent left hip pain following hip implantation.

14th October 2016: A young man with AML and a pulmonary nodule post-transplant.

15th September 2016: Radiological quiz.

31st August 2016: A young man with high fever, URTI symptoms, and a rash.

14th August 2016: A young man who was non-adherent to TB treatment.

5th August 2016: Middle-aged man with painful lower limb lesions.

29th July 2016: Renal failure on hemodialysis with fever of unknown origin.

26th June 2016: Asymptomatic person with an unusual object passed per rectum.

13th June 2016: Abdominal wall inflammation after azacitidine injections from myelodysplastic syndrome.

22nd May 2016: Middle-aged man with lung cancer and progressive breathlessness after starting pembrolizumab.

8th March 2016: Young man from South Asia with an abdominal subcutaneous lump.

29th February 2016: Young man from South Asia with worsening headache.

7th February 2016: Middle-aged woman with prolonged cough.

4th February 2016: Fingernails.

21st January 2016: A young woman with chemotherapy-associated febrile neutropenia.

16th December 2015: A middle-aged man with MRSA bacteraemia.

14th November 2015: A young pregnant woman exposed to varicella.

23rd October 2015: A young man with penile discharge.

10th October 2015: A man with MRSA bacteraemia and a cardiac pacemaker.

3rd October 2015: A teenage girl with fever, cough and chest X-ray changes.

26th September 2015: A pregnant woman with a rash on her hands.

29th August 2015: Middle-aged housewife with fever, headache and photophobia.

22nd August 2015: ECG quiz 2.

15th August 2015: Young pregnant woman with cervical lymphadenopathy.

8th August 2015: Middle-aged man with hypotension and past history of tuberculosis.

1st August 2015: Middle-aged man with frequent travel, abdominal pain and eosinophilia.

11th July 2015: Late middle-aged man with fever, neck stiffness and left hemiparesis.

4th July 2015: Teenager with a rash on the foot after regional travel.

27th June 2015: Young man with a chest lesion on pre-employment screening.

20th June 2015: Persistent CMV viraemia in a patient post-stem cell transplantation.

6th June 2015: Young man with HIV and diarrhoea of 2 weeks.

30th May 2015: Elderly man with right-sided abdominal pain.

23rd May 2015: Elderly woman with necrotising fasciitis after a trip to the beach.

16th May 2015: Young woman with recurrent headache and fever.

9th May 2015: Middle-aged woman with sudden-onset fever and confusion.

2nd May 2015: Middle-aged man on maintenance chemotherapy with fever, cough and miliary shadows on radiological imaging.

26th April 2015: Middle-aged woman with AML and a lung nodule.

18th April 2015: Elderly man with bacteraemia and chest pain.

11th April 2015: Elderly woman on hemodialysis with zoster.

4th April 2015: Middle-aged man post-renal transplantation with TB pleurisy.

28th March 2015: Middle-aged man with fever and abdominal pain.

21st March 2015: Middle-aged woman with fever and drowsiness.

7th March 2015: Middle-aged woman with ALL and pneumonia.

28th February 2015: Elderly man with an incidental external ventricular drain tip culture.

21st February 2015: Middle-aged lady with autoimmune hepatitis and meningoencephalitis.

14th February 2015: Massive pleural effusion and fever post-4 vessel angiogram.

7th February 2015: Diabetic gardener with fever and dysuria.

31st January 2015: Elderly gentleman with past tuberculosis and current hemoptysis.

24th January 2015: Middled-aged sailor with cardiac tamponade.

17th January 2015: ECG quiz 1.

10th January 2015: Middle-aged woman from Bangladesh with leukemia and fever.

3rd January 2015: Elderly man with nosocomial extremely drug-resistant Acinetobacter infection.

28th December 2014: Young man with fever after returning from Africa.

20th December 2014: Middle-aged man post allogeneic stem cell transplantation with a new lung complication.

13th December 2014: Middle-aged man post allogeneic stem cell transplantation with a cough.

6th December 2014: Young girl with fever and cough.

29th November 2014: Elderly cancer patient with a rash.

22nd November 2014: Middle-aged man with a left lower back nodule.

15th November 2014: Middle-aged man with a painful right thigh.

8th November 2014: Elderly Indonesian man with fever and weight loss.

1st November 2014: Persistent febrile neutropenia post hyper-CVAD with brain lesions.

25th October 2014: Fever in a man from Myanmar.

18th October 2014: Incidental findings on the blood film of a man from Myanmar.

11th October 2014: Fever in a young man from Bangladesh.

4th October 2014: Boil in a traveler from Tanzania.

28th September 2014: Neck lump in a young man from Myanmar.

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