Primarily organised by the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, this event took place during World Antibiotic Awareness Week on 13th and 14th November. There were a lot of great regional and local speakers, and the event was well attended even by officials from local ministries – always a good sigh for the National Strategic […]

The latest to make the news is that of a pre-school teacher (Little Greenhouse, Bukit Batok) who was diagnosed with pulmonary TB last Wednesday, leading to planned screening of all 104 pre-schoolers 20 staff. This follows news of the elderly resident from Peacehaven Bedok Day Centre who was diagnosed with TB in June, leading to […]

A young odd-jobs man presented with cough for 3 months, associated with weight loss and fatigue at work. Finally seeking medical attention at a public hospital, he was found to have cavitation and infiltrates in the right upper lobe of the lung, with sputum microscopy showing high counts of acid-fast bacilli (AFB 4+). He was […]

A middle-aged man with sudden onset of painful lesions on both lower limbs. No prior significant exposures or clinical symptoms. No fever. Questions: What is the clinical diagnosis? How should this person be worked up and treated? This is a clear cut case of erythema nodosum. Skin biopsy would show panniculitis, but it is unnecessary […]

News of this outbreak – involving 6 MDR-TB cases to date – was released to the press yesterday evening by the Singapore Ministry of Health. The Channelnewsasia report also includes video footage of our Director of Medical Services as well as Prof Sonny Wang, long-term director of the TB Control Unit. These 6 cases were […]

I received the Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) for tuberculosis a couple of weeks ago. The full version is also available on the MOH website here. Mixed feelings. There is always a bit of pride at having contributed to such things. Having sat in on the meetings, I am also aware of the […]

Another young man from South Asia, who had been working in the construction industry in Singapore for a few years, was incidentally found to have a painless mass over the left upper quadrant of his abdomen during a routine medical examination. He mentioned that it had appeared over the past week, gradually increasing in size. He was […]