A young man (in his 30s) from South Asia presented with progressively worsening headache over 4 weeks. This was associated with low-grade fever over a week, followed by diplopia (double vision) over the past 4 days. He had previously been well, with no medical co-morbidities. There was no significant contact history. He had received some […]

Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey! I am privileged to have a second contribution by another fellow (non-infectious diseases) colleague. Although I suppose in some ways a respiratory specialist is close… A middle-aged non-smoking local woman had cough associated with whitish sputum for 2 months. No significant contact or travel history. No other […]

I have been neglecting this blog because of time pressures from the SG50 Project. That’s thankfully being wrapped up now, and life can slowly return to normal. In any case, here’s a staged video from the project about directly observed anti-tuberculosis therapy (DOTS) in Singapore. Unfortunately it is too onerous (not to mention potentially stigmatising) to […]

A man in his late 50’s presented with generalised lethargy and low-grade fever for 3 days. He had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis 20 years ago, and had completed a 9-month course of therapy. The only other significant history was that of alcoholism and smoking. He was found to be hypotensive at the Emergency Department […]

The Singapore Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (STEP) Registry and TB Contact Clinic used to be based out of a charming (but rickety) old colonial-style bungalow along Moulmein Road. After several months, renovations have been completed.

There is a lot of interesting data available on tuberculosis (TB) in Singapore, available from multiple sources. I was quite privileged to receive a copy of Dr Heng Bee Hoon’s (Director, Health Services and Outcome Research, National Healthcare Group) 1988 Master of Science in Public Health thesis “The Secular Trends of Tuberculosis in Singapore” from the […]

Dr. Raymond Fong – a consultant infectious diseases at Changi General Hospital – had commented in response to my earlier post on legal aspects of tuberculosis management that one other challenging issue sometimes faced by doctors was with regards to air travel and tuberculosis. There have been a number of incidents regarding passengers and crew members of […]