News of this outbreak – involving 6 MDR-TB cases to date – was released to the press yesterday evening by the Singapore Ministry of Health. The Channelnewsasia report also includes video footage of our Director of Medical Services as well as Prof Sonny Wang, long-term director of the TB Control Unit. These 6 cases were […]

No new cases and no new deaths with respect to the MERS-CoV outbreak in South Korea for 3 days now. In other related news, a humanised mouse model for MERS infection and a process that can be used to rapidly produce clinical-grade antibodies against the virus has been published in PNAS by a group from the […]

Just one additional case over the past 2 days, a nurse at Gangdong Kyung Hee University Hospital. This brings the total to 182 cases, with 32 deaths (case fatality rate of 17.6%). Just under 2/3 of the cases are male. No cases have been reported from Thailand to date – it should be just under one week […]

There were 6 new patients with MERS-CoV infection over the past 3 days of reporting (23rd to 25th June 2015) in South Korea, bringing the total to 181. Deaths now stand at 31 (case fatality rate of 17.1%). One more healthcare institution is now involved – Good Gang-An Hospital in Busan – with a patient who […]

Six new cases between 21st and 22nd June 2015, with a total of 175 in South Korea. There are now 27 deaths (case fatality rate of 15.4%). According to the South Korean health ministry, “only” 2,805 individuals were still being monitored as of 22nd June, representing approximately a 26.8% drop from the day before. The outbreak […]

What has been remarkable so far is the rapid availability of information and data on the MERS-CoV outbreak in South Korea. Anyone with the slightest inclination can – in the comfort of home or office – generate epidemic curves or other informative graphics (and indeed many have done so – my Twitter account is full of […]

The outbreak in South Korea seems to be winding to a close, with just four cases reported over the past two days. There are now 24 deaths from 166 cases (14.5%), with the caveat that probably over half of the cases would not have recovered from their illness yet. I would nonetheless expect the final case […]