MERS-CoV cases in South Korea now stand at 162, with 20 deaths (12.3%). There were 4 and 8 cases confirmed on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Yahoo! News reported that a few of the new patients had not been under quarantine, despite being known contacts of cases. Two-thirds of the infected patients are male, and the […]

The case count had risen to 150, with 16 deaths (10.7%, although most of the infected cases are unlikely to have recovered) as of 14th June 2015. The majority of schools in South Korea that had been closed as a precautionary measure have re-opened yesterday. Samsung Medical Centre, from which close to 50% of all […]

The case count in South Korea continues to increase, with 138 cases and 14 deaths to date. There is at least one other hospital with cases reported (Good Morning Hospital in Pyeongtaek), but no community transmission to date. The only non-hospital-acquired cases are close family contacts of cases, as well as a newly-reported transmission in […]

There are a large number of news reports on the flu season in USA currently, including this fairly comprehensive one from CNN, after the statistics for  mortality from pneumonia and influenza in the USA crossed 6.8% (the epidemic threshold) on Week 51 of 2014. There have been 15 paediatric deaths to date (as of 20th […]

An excellent piece by the Washington Post today. As with many other infectious diseases physicians, I have followed the Ebola outbreak in Africa with great interest. It had seemed incredible that the outbreak had continued to spread, especially given the nature of the virus (highly virulent, transmissible only via contact with infected body fluids and […]