On a whim, I decided to check out the statistics for the videos on Singapore and Infectious Diseases that we produced as part of the SG50 celebrations in 2015. They were uploaded on YouTube just over a year and half ago – an item off the bucket list! I still think the final video was […]

It was nice to receive a certificate of appreciation from the SG50 Steering Committee half a year after our project was completed (although the signature is likely an electronic one). Our various interview videos and the documentary are still available on YouTube on our own channel. The hardcover book is still available at Kinokuniya (although […]

The SG50 infectious diseases project “Overcoming Infectious Diseases and Singapore: Past, Present and Future” was officially launched at the end of last year at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) Theatrette. The occasion was graced by the new Minister of State for the Ministries of Communications & Information, and Health, as well as the TTSH CEO, […]

Many thanks to Dr Edmund Monteiro, former Director of Communicable Diseases Centre, who gamely agreed to be interviewed on Channel News Asia’s First Look Asia about his experiences with infectious diseases in the past, and also about our SG50 Project. The interview was done live on 14th December 2015. You can view his video interview […]

A very talented and hardworking team comprising colleagues from the Institute of Infectious Diseases & Epidemiology and Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health are organising the official launch of the book (and project), which will be held at the TTSH Theatrette on 28th December 2015. We will be graced by MOH presence, with the guest […]

While looking up various historical nuggets of information for our project, I realised that there was a rather similar project done 8 years ago. Titled “The Invisible Enemy: Singapore’s Encounters with Infectious Diseases: Past, Present & Future”, it was an exhibition launched on 24th May 2007 at the National Library. I cannot find any photos […]

Cross-posting from the SG50 ID Project website: Went down to the printers for the press check of our SG50 book this morning. The books are being printed by Markono, a local printing company that has been around since 2 years after Singapore’s independence. They are based at a part of Singapore I rarely visit since army […]

Our website is live. Currently, the links to all the video interviews are available on a single page, as is a page of “Trivia” that contains posts related to the project as well as on infectious diseases in Singapore (only a few articles at present, but we will increase the number of posts over time). […]

We finally finished the last video interview on Thursday 15th October. There is very little time left to get the documentary and book out before the end of the year, and with the required viewership necessary to meet the KPI’s agreed upon by MCCY and ourselves. The source materials and the interview discussions have been […]

One last week to go, but we are almost done with the shooting. It has been an incredibly interesting experience so far, listening to what the experts have to say about infectious diseases and Singapore. My main regret is that we have had rather too few patients giving their side of the story – their […]