One last week to go, but we are almost done with the shooting. It has been an incredibly interesting experience so far, listening to what the experts have to say about infectious diseases and Singapore. My main regret is that we have had rather too few patients giving their side of the story – their experiences dealing with the diagnosis of infectious diseases, and their encounters with our healthcare system. Diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis remain terribly stigmatising in Singapore, and the few patients or ex-patients we have asked have all either refused to be interviewed, or to only do so under conditions of anonymity.

In any case, we interviewed the following over the past week:

  1. Prof. Roy Chan – National Skin Centre & Action for AIDS Singapore.
  2. A person with HIV infection.
  3. A/Prof. Tan Ban Hock – Singapore General Hospital.
  4. LTC (Dr) Vernon Lee – Singapore Armed Forces Biodefense Center.
  5. Dr. Ng Lee Ching – Environmental Health Institute.
  6. Prof. Goh Kee Tai – Ministry of Health.
  7. Prof. David Heymann – Public Health England & Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.
  8. Ms. Tiffany Tan – TB Control Unit.
  9. A person with pulmonary tuberculosis.

There is now a very short period of time left to put everything together in order to still have this out before SG50 ends…

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Infectious diseases, Singapore