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Went down to the printers for the press check of our SG50 book this morning. The books are being printed by Markono, a local printing company that has been around since 2 years after Singapore’s independence. They are based at a part of Singapore I rarely visit since army days – 21 Neythal Road at Pioneer, Jurong.


Markono – the printing company for our SG50 book


Another view of Markono, currently based at 21 Neythal Road in Pioneer, Jurong

It was quite an interesting and enlightening experience to see how books (and journals) are printed, and to get an idea of the different types of printing available nowadays (digital vs. inkjet vs. conventional). I am glad Markono staff were kind enough to provide a short tour of their facility.


Pages of several different books being laid out for press checks at the same time


And here is our book – 4 pages are printed on a single sheet each time, which is then folded and cut via an automated process


And here are the front and back covers for the book, which will subsequently be glued onto cardboard cutouts (our book is hardcover, and will not have a jacket)

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