A truly dramatic round, featuring a “double blunder” by both players. Of all the reports, perhaps Peter Svidler describes it best here. Anand chose to repeat the Sicilian Paulsen that he played in Game 4, although this time Carlsen chose to play the main line. They soon reached a position where the queens had come […]

After the excitement of the second and third games, the next two games seemed almost prosaic in comparison. Carlsen went for his usual “playable position with no advantage” as White in Game 4 (it can be viewed here at the Chessbase site), playing a quiet line against the Sicilian, but was unable to achieve anything significant. […]

A fantastic game from Anand, who bounced back from a depressing Round 2 loss. His team had certainly out-prepared Carlsen’s in this Queen’s Gambit Declined, and he didn’t give Carlsen a chance to wriggle out of the sharp position with its ensuing complications. This is Anand at his best – something that hasn’t been seen […]

The games are available at multiple sites, although the reports on Chessbase come with game commentary and slight analysis (Games 1 and 2 respective). Carlsen is already in the lead after winning the second game, and unless Anand somehow manages to lift his game, the overall match prospects look dim for him. Game 1 was […]

Here’s a recent nice interview of Viswanathan Anand published in the New Indian Express. Anand is one of the world’s greatest chess players and certainly the nicest and most gentlemanly world champions of modern times. This except from the interview sums up his view of trash-talking in chess “I don’t read what my opponents say […]