How the nurse in Texas acquired Ebola remains publicly unknown at this point in time. CDC Atlanta has ascribed it to “protocol breaches“, and CDC officials are currently deciding whether additional safety measures are required to prevent further transmission. There are now more than 100 contacts to track from the initial imported case of Ebola. […]

Reported in major US news sites, including the Washington Post. Another healthcare worker down with Ebola, this time from the U.S. In the earlier case from Spain, it seems that the infected nursing aide’s co-workers are now refusing to work, concerned that the protective measures in place may be inadequate.

The first case of Ebola transmission outside Africa in this current outbreak occurred in Madrid, Spain. It was a nurse who had helped care for the two priests who had died of Ebola earlier last month. A grim reminder that infection control practices are not foolproof, even in a developed country with an advanced healthcare […]

An excellent piece by the Washington Post today. As with many other infectious diseases physicians, I have followed the Ebola outbreak in Africa with great interest. It had seemed incredible that the outbreak had continued to spread, especially given the nature of the virus (highly virulent, transmissible only via contact with infected body fluids and […]