There is always time a first time for everything – I made my first ProMED post a couple of days ago. A fellow ID physician in private practice and I recently encountered two persons who were diagnosed with malaria and who had both returned from a camping trip in Brunei. Their infections were not caused by any of […]

Been meaning to write about this since the results were first announced, but there’s been just too little time. It is great that the most prestigious prize in Medicine went to investigators who had worked on infectious (more specifically, parasitic) diseases. Half of the Nobel prize was awarded to Dr Tu Youyou for her work […]

Currently attending the 1st Borneo Tropical Diseases Congress, held at the Tanjung Aru Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. This 2-day event is organised by the Infectious Diseases Society Kota Kinabalu Sabah, which is currently led by Dr. Timothy William – an infectious diseases physician who has published extensively on malaria and other tropical diseases […]

The inaugural Courage Fund ID Conference kicked off yesterday evening with a series of plenary lectures at the Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore. This clinical and basic science infectious diseases conference is a first for Singapore in many ways: It was organised in partnership by the Singapore Infectious Diseases Initiative, the Institute for Infectious Diseases […]

A straightforward case for the Christmas week – Merry Christmas and Happy 2015, by the way! This young man returned from Gambia 2 weeks ago, and started having high fever for 5 days prior to seeking medical attention. He had been on a missionary trip, helping to build schools and houses in rural villages in […]

I came across this site via a search on “superbugs” on Google News. The UK review team was commissioned by the UK Prime Minister in July 2014, and published its first report about 2 weeks ago. By the end of 2 years – summer 2016 – the Review will have to propose a package of […]