The final week of April each year marks World Immunization Week. The theme this year is “Protected Together: Vaccines Work”. I have not written much about vaccinations in the past, simply because this is not one of my particular interest areas, and there are others who are far more competent in this regard. But in […]

Measles – a highly contagious viral disease with a characteristic rash – has been in the news of late. The most recent outbreak that made the news was in the Philippines, centering around Metro Manila, Luzon and Visayas. There have been at least 87 reported deaths and more than 5,600 cases reported this year, as […]

Not all fever and rash in Singapore is Zika… A middle-aged man presented (way before the current Zika outbreak) with high fever for 5 days, associated with runny nose and sore throat. On the third day of illness, he developed a rash which started from his face before spreading to his body and limbs. He […]

Measles has been in the news (even in the Straits Times) lately, because of the U.S. outbreak that originated from Disneyland in California. To briefly recap, at least 40 visitors/workers at Disneyland, California were exposed to measles in December last year and have developed the disease. The index case (or cases) has not been identified, […]