An end of the year tongue-in-cheek answer to the spin-off question: why do more specialists look happier in the Singapore private sector? Personally, I think there could be several reasons. Firstly, part of it could just be perceptual in nature: they look happier because appearing happy pays off better than looking pessimistic and frustrated. A […]

I had previously mentioned that private sector specialists in Singapore are independent operators – the majority actually run their own clinics/practice as individuals. Most professional partnerships between doctors have been small in scale (i.e. 2 or 3 individual doctors), and a good number of such partnerships have come apart because of personal differences or the […]

Some musings at the end of the year, after 6 months back in the public sector following a short 2-year stint in the private sector as an infectious diseases physician. This series will probably be (infrequently) updated and extended over time. My experience is primarily with acute hospital-based care, largely through the lens of the […]