I attended an overseas panel review for health research professorships recently where the issue of declining rates of applications from “non-doctor clinicians” (nurses, pharmacists, other allied health professionals) was discussed. The funding body had already set in place measures to promote gender equality (if two candidates were nominated by an institute for the professorship, at […]

In June last year, the Ministry of Health Singapore initiated a large-scale on-site voluntary tuberculosis (TB) screening for the residents of a 10-storey apartment block after a cluster of 6 multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) cases in the Block were diagnosed over the preceding 4 years. The results were released in an academic paper published in the […]

An article published in the venerable British Medical Journal (BMJ) on Wednesday has been picked up by several news agencies. I had described this culture of doctors recommending that “antibiotic courses should be completed” in an earlier post on URTI, and how the doctors I had encountered all felt that failure to finish antibiotics would “result in […]

We have spent over 15 years in Singapore pushing clinicians – and more recently other health professionals – to become more involved in research, to compete for grants, and to publish academic papers (and file for patents). A little “cottage industry” of clinician-scientists has emerged, with their own chapter within Singapore’s Academy of Medicine. They […]

A whimsical piece below, with the caveat that different major outbreaks pose different investigative challenges and scientific questions. Good to have the opinions and thoughts of others. I have been involved in a few major outbreaks in Singapore over the past decade-and-half, and have often wondered whether it is better to organise and write up […]

I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday listening to various presentations on completed and semi-completed projects at the SIDI Research Symposium at Waterfront Copthorne (Declaration: I am the current director of the Singapore Infectious Diseases Initiative, or SIDI for short). The projects were very diverse in nature, ranging from basic science to clinical research as well […]

I was forwarded an article written by Mary Louisa Toynbee and published in the Guardian a couple of days ago, decrying the failure of the U.K. NHS’ care.data program. This was an ambitious plan to curate anonymised patient electronic medical and social care records into a single database for the purposes of research and improving […]