There will soon be more posts on the current Ebola epidemic than on antimicrobial resistance, a temporary “problem” that I hope will be rectified shortly. Unfortunately, I have also fallen into the “media headlines trap” and am posting more about the 3 US cases and the consequent developments than on the ongoing tragedy unfolding in […]

A second healthcare worker has tested positive for Ebola in Dallas, Texas. This healthcare staff had also looked after Thomas Eric Duncan, the index case. One case could well be individual lapse. A second case makes it more likely a systemic fault. But the verdict is not out as yet.

How the nurse in Texas acquired Ebola remains publicly unknown at this point in time. CDC Atlanta has ascribed it to “protocol breaches“, and CDC officials are currently deciding whether additional safety measures are required to prevent further transmission. There are now more than 100 contacts to track from the initial imported case of Ebola. […]

Reported in major US news sites, including the Washington Post. Another healthcare worker down with Ebola, this time from the U.S. In the earlier case from Spain, it seems that the infected nursing aide’s co-workers are now refusing to work, concerned that the protective measures in place may be inadequate.

On Thursday (18th September), the White House declared war again, but on antibiotic-resistant bacteria – a far less controversial decision. The initial multi-pronged strategy includes the following executive actions: Formation of a new inter-agency task force to develop a 5-year national action plan to implement the: National Strategy for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria. Launching a USD20 […]