I attended the launch of Dr Shashi Jayakumar and Mr Olimpiu Urcan’s marvelous book – Singapore Chess: A History, 1945-1990 – two evenings ago at the National Library.  The book is both a historical treatise – including interviews with many former top Singaporean chess players as well as archived data from multiple sources – as […]

Only a single book, just before the holiday season. Michael Lewis’ new book, which he spent close to a decade interviewing and researching, is about Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky’s work, and their special relationship. Their work – which continues to have tremendous and wide ranging practical implications – has helped us to understand some […]

A somewhat more varied collection this time, thanks to recommendations from Twitter and gifts from friends. Still too few books read for my liking. The 4th book in Brent Week’s Lightbringer series, which has an novel setting even for a fantasy series. I have enjoyed his writing even though it is not as riveting as Brandon […]

Here are some photos of the WAAW event at Jurong Library, organised by staff from the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. There is also an attempt at making a Flipagram out of several photos here. All photos were taken by Pearl Gan.

A depressing month book-wise. Only managed to read two fiction books. Read too much on Zika. Death’s End is the conclusion to the “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” trilogy by Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin. I could only read the English-translated version, but it was nonetheless mindblowing. The final book takes the “dark forest” concept […]