The annual European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases is going on now at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, and will end on 12th April. This meeting has grown from strength to strength, and now has more than 11,000 attendees each year.       Attending the session on individualised management of invasive […]

Currently attending the 1st Borneo Tropical Diseases Congress, held at the Tanjung Aru Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. This 2-day event is organised by the Infectious Diseases Society Kota Kinabalu Sabah, which is currently led by Dr. Timothy William – an infectious diseases physician who has published extensively on malaria and other tropical diseases […]

The Society of Infectious Diseases (Singapore) has organised an annual infectious diseases clinical practice update for ID trainees and GPs/family medicine trainees for years. These practice updates are invariably organised by the trainees themselves, who have the liberty therefore to set the topics and invite the local consultants they would like to listen to. Somehow, I […]

The third and final day of the conference was held two days ago on Friday 13th March. Despite all the organisational and logistic hiccups, the conference itself in my opinion (biased as that may be given that I am on the organising committee!) was a resounding success. We were lucky and many things fell into […]

The second day of the conference was well attended and went well. It started with an early opening ceremony, graced by the President of the National University of Singapore Prof. Tan Chor Chuan, as well as Mdm. Kay Kuok, who is the chair of the Board of Trustees of the Courage Fund (the main sponsor […]

The inaugural Courage Fund ID Conference kicked off yesterday evening with a series of plenary lectures at the Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore. This clinical and basic science infectious diseases conference is a first for Singapore in many ways: It was organised in partnership by the Singapore Infectious Diseases Initiative, the Institute for Infectious Diseases […]

I have generally followed the World Economic Forum with interest over the past few years, particularly with regards to infectious diseases topics that feature on the agenda of the great and the good. Their perspectives are often different from the healthcare professionals on the ground, as the focus is primarily on global economics and trade, […]

A plug for the 1st International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens, held at the Furama Hotel Waterfront in Singapore from 2nd to 4th September 2015. The conference website, with more meeting and registration details, and abstract datelines, is here. The meeting is organised by the International Society of Influenza and Respiratory Viruses (ISIRV).

Just a plug for the Courage Fund Conference, which will be held at the Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore from 11th to 13th March this year. The conference website is here. Disclaimer: I am a member of the organising committee. This infectious diseases conference will have renowned speakers from around the world, and is unique in […]

Managed to attend more talks today. The morning plenary was delivered by Prof Hsueh Po Ren from Taipei, Taiwan, who described in detail the escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance in the Asia-Pacific region. The quality of the photos is poor (taken using an iPhone 5!), given the dim lighting during the talks. The subsequent keynote […]