The Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp (Belgium) has been organizing annual colloquia since 1959. This year’s colloquium was on antibiotic resistance, and was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from 5th to 7th December. I was fortunate enough to be invited for the event, which featured speakers from the ITM (naturally) as well as regional and […]

Naturally, this is biased by what I know and has been reported. But here is what I feel are the significant events in 2016. Outbreaks These are the most easily recalled and form the biggest group of infectious disease events by far. The major outbreaks this year include: Rotavirus gastroenteritis at Pek Kio Market affecting […]

Attending the 10th edition of the biennial Singapore AIDS Conference at the NUHS Tower Block. A remarkable achievement – both the conference itself, as well as the progress made in Singapore over 31 years (our first local case of HIV was diagnosed in May 1985). Such progress is testament to the passion and efforts of […]

After some work, we now have the majority of the video interviews for the SG50 Project on our own YouTube channel. It has really been an educational and gratifying experience interviewing all these people, and learning about the infectious diseases of the past and present. There are currently 35 videos available for public viewing. It […]

Less well known than it should be, the Patient Care Centre (PCC) can be found within the grounds of the Communicable Diseases Centre at Moulmein Road. It was established in 1997 to support the poorer patients with HIV/AIDS, and to reduce the stigma associated with the disease.       

The ECG from Clinical Vignette 17 was actually obtained from the patient described below: This middle-aged man, a sailor, was transferred to the hospital directly after his ship sailed into port. He had been ill for 2 months, with low-grade fever, weight loss of almost 8 kg, and shortness of breath upon exertion. His chest […]

I came across this site via a search on “superbugs” on Google News. The UK review team was commissioned by the UK Prime Minister in July 2014, and published its first report about 2 weeks ago. By the end of 2 years – summer 2016 – the Review will have to propose a package of […]