An intriguing study was published in last month’s New England Journal of Medicine. It was picked up by several news agencies, including Wired which published a piece by science journalist Maryn McKenna (the author of the “Big Chicken” book) that briefly made it to the top of Digg. A large cluster randomized trial of 1,533 communities […]

I was unfortunately not able to spend much time at the SIIDC, which is taking place now at the Waterfront Conference Centre at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. This is actually the second such general infectious disease (ID) conference organized by the Singapore ID community, the first being the Courage Fund Infectious Diseases Conference which […]

Certain malaria parasites have the ability to form a dormant liver stage, known as the hypnozoite – from the Greek words “hypnos” (sleep) and “zoon” (animal). In human malaria, some of the Plasmodium vivax and P. ovale sporozoites entering the blood from the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito will remain behind in the liver as hypnozoites (the others develop into […]

A teenager developed persistent high fever (up to 39.5 degrees Celsius) two weeks after returning from a trip to a national park in Brunei. The other nine students and teacher-counsellor remained well other than occasional bouts of gastroenteritis. The school excursion had lasted a week, with two days spent camping in tents within the national […]

There is always time a first time for everything – I made my first ProMED post a couple of days ago. A fellow ID physician in private practice and I recently encountered two persons who were diagnosed with malaria and who had both returned from a camping trip in Brunei. Their infections were not caused by any of […]

After some work, we now have the majority of the video interviews for the SG50 Project on our own YouTube channel. It has really been an educational and gratifying experience interviewing all these people, and learning about the infectious diseases of the past and present. There are currently 35 videos available for public viewing. It […]

Been meaning to write about this since the results were first announced, but there’s been just too little time. It is great that the most prestigious prize in Medicine went to investigators who had worked on infectious (more specifically, parasitic) diseases. Half of the Nobel prize was awarded to Dr Tu Youyou for her work […]

A straightforward case for the Christmas week – Merry Christmas and Happy 2015, by the way! This young man returned from Gambia 2 weeks ago, and started having high fever for 5 days prior to seeking medical attention. He had been on a missionary trip, helping to build schools and houses in rural villages in […]