I was unfortunately not able to spend much time at the SIIDC, which is taking place now at the Waterfront Conference Centre at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

This is actually the second such general infectious disease (ID) conference organized by the Singapore ID community, the first being the Courage Fund Infectious Diseases Conference which I managed to cover 2 years ago. That conference was sponsored primarily by the Courage Fund (hence the name), but the Courage Fund board had – for a variety of reasons I am not privy to – decided not to support the second conference, hence the change in name.

Nonetheless, the conference has managed to grow in size and stature, with 725 registered participants from 30 countries, which represents an approximate doubling in attendees from the first event. There are also many world class international and local speakers who have come to present their work, and it is to be hoped that this landmark local conference will continue and be sustainable.

Some photos I managed to capture: