I was privileged to be asked to contribute some thoughts on antimicrobial resistance for the December 2015 issue of the Royal College of Physicians (UK) Commentary Magazine. The article – well written by Iain Fossey – is not as interesting as the other feature article on English polymath magician John Dee’s (1527-1608) library that somehow ended […]

After the fall back to baseline of severe Group B streptococcal infections in August, I did not expect to write another post of GBS so soon. But it just goes to show that the management of outbreaks and implementation of policies are both not always straightforward. An excellent recap of the GBS outbreak in Singapore […]

This week marks World Antibiotic Awareness Week (16th-22nd November 2015), the third since its inception in 2013. It had its genesis in the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, which originated on 18th November 2008, as well as the U.S. “Get Smart about Antibiotics” week (originally in October 2008). It serves as a way to increase public awareness […]

After some work, we now have the majority of the video interviews for the SG50 Project on our own YouTube channel. It has really been an educational and gratifying experience interviewing all these people, and learning about the infectious diseases of the past and present. There are currently 35 videos available for public viewing. It […]

A young woman, approximately 11 weeks pregnant, had gone on an island staycation with her family. Four days prior to their return. her nephew developed a fever, with a vesicular rash appearing one day later. This was subsequently diagnosed to be chickenpox. She had been in close contact with her nephew throughout the staycation. She did not recall ever […]

Nearing the end of the interviews at last, yet at the same time, realising that there remain significant gaps in terms of the people that should be interviewed: people who have seen, or initiated, or contributed to how infectious diseases changed or was controlled in Singapore. It is an SG50 project however, and the strict timeline […]

I had the great privilege of meeting Prof David Warrell yesterday over tea at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, UK. He is Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford, a great expert on venomous snakes and rabies, and editor of the Oxford Textbook of Medicine, which perhaps is not used as […]