By a curious twist of coincidence, I received two notices of powdered infant formula milk recall due to Cronobacter sakazakii today. The first was from the SGH Microbiology blogger, who forwarded the abstract to a paper published by Chilean scientists in Frontiers in Microbiology last month. Following the June 2017 alert issued by the Chilean Ministry of […]

A young woman (in her 30’s) presented with a 3-day history of severe headache, low-grade fever (37.8 degrees Celsius) and photophobia. Clinical examination was unremarkable except for mild photophobia and mild neck stiffness. A CT head (non-contrast) done at the Emergency Department was normal, as was her full blood count and renal function panel. She […]

A middle-aged woman with newly diagnosed autoimmune hepatitis on high-dose prednisolone (50 mg daily) presented acutely with 3 days of fever with headache, followed by an acute change in mental state a day before hospitalisation. Clinically, she was slightly drowsy (GCS = 12) and disoriented, with neck stiffness and photophobia. The urgent non-contrast CT head […]