A final clinical vignette (for a while, at any rate) before more substantive posts. A middle-aged man with a decades-long history of bronchiectasis presented with worsening cough with productive sputum, decreasing effort tolerance, low grade fever, and weight loss over 2 months. He has no other co-morbid conditions. Chest X-ray showed worsening bilateral infiltrates – […]

Nontuberculous mycobactera (NTM) is a collective term for all Mycobacterium spp. that are not part of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex or Mycobacterium leprae. Virtually all are environmental mycobacteria (rather than  the human- and animal-adapted pathogens that cause tuberculosis and leprosy), although they are able to cause human infection in a limited number of situations, i.e. when the human is immunocompromised […]