A final clinical vignette (for a while, at any rate) before more substantive posts. A middle-aged man with a decades-long history of bronchiectasis presented with worsening cough with productive sputum, decreasing effort tolerance, low grade fever, and weight loss over 2 months. He has no other co-morbid conditions. Chest X-ray showed worsening bilateral infiltrates – […]

A question was raised regarding the prevalence of rapidly-growing mycobacteria (RGM) in Singapore following the previous post. Researchers in several countries have found that the prevalence of infections caused by RGM had been increasing over time, including in UK between 1995-2006, Taiwan between 2000-2008, Queensland (Australia) between 1999-2005, and in Minnesota (USA) between 1980-2009. Other than in […]

Nontuberculous mycobactera (NTM) is a collective term for all Mycobacterium spp. that are not part of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex or Mycobacterium leprae. Virtually all are environmental mycobacteria (rather than  the human- and animal-adapted pathogens that cause tuberculosis and leprosy), although they are able to cause human infection in a limited number of situations, i.e. when the human is immunocompromised […]