Today’s addition of 16 new cases of Zika infection – the smallest number added for the past week – brings the total number of confirmed Zika infections to 258. No links to prior clusters were found in 4 cases. It is too soon to know whether this drop in cases reported represents a blip or if […]

A young woman, approximately 11 weeks pregnant, had gone on an island staycation with her family. Four days prior to their return. her nephew developed a fever, with a vesicular rash appearing one day later. This was subsequently diagnosed to be chickenpox. She had been in close contact with her nephew throughout the staycation. She did not recall ever […]

These pair of hands belong to a young woman who had fever for 2 days associated with sore throat.Her firstborn son had presented with similar symptoms a week ago. She had incidentally just discovered that she was pregnant, this being 6 weeks after her last menstrual period ending. Question: What is the diagnosis and what would be […]

A young woman who was 33 weeks pregnant presented with 2 weeks of low-grade fever associated with an enlarged right cervical lymph node. Fine needle aspiration of the lymph node had been performed by an ENT surgeon, showing an epithelioid granuloma and reactive follicular hyperplasia. TB PCR was negative. Serological testing results are shown below: EBV […]