Dr Moses Yu passed away yesterday morning, 30th December 2015, at the age of 82 years. He was the first locally trained microbiologist in Singapore, heading the Department of Pathology at the Ministry of Health Singapore (the Department was only transferred to Singapore General Hospital in 1989 – a move that met with mixed reception. […]

Just before Christmas, the SGH Diagnostic Bacteriology blogger put up a post on how to isolate Group B streptococcus (GBS) from raw fish samples. SGH Department of Pathology used to have a Food and Water Microbiology Lab, but that was closed several years ago, before the move to the new Academia building. The clinical microbiologists […]

Many thanks to Dr Edmund Monteiro, former Director of Communicable Diseases Centre, who gamely agreed to be interviewed on Channel News Asia’s First Look Asia about his experiences with infectious diseases in the past, and also about our SG50 Project. The interview was done live on 14th December 2015. You can view his video interview […]

Prof Feng Pao Hsii, Father of Rheumatology in Singapore, passed away yesterday. His contributions to rheumatology and medicine in general are many, as this citation by Dr Bernard Thong for Prof Feng’s conferment of the Singapore Medical Association Honorary Membership in 2014 clearly shows. There will no doubt be many better eulogies and accolades in […]

While looking up various historical nuggets of information for our project, I realised that there was a rather similar project done 8 years ago. Titled “The Invisible Enemy: Singapore’s Encounters with Infectious Diseases: Past, Present & Future”, it was an exhibition launched on 24th May 2007 at the National Library. I cannot find any photos […]

There is always time a first time for everything – I made my first ProMED post a couple of days ago. A fellow ID physician in private practice and I recently encountered two persons who were diagnosed with malaria and who had both returned from a camping trip in Brunei. Their infections were not caused by any of […]

Cross-posting from the SG50 ID Project website: Went down to the printers for the press check of our SG50 book this morning. The books are being printed by Markono, a local printing company that has been around since 2 years after Singapore’s independence. They are based at a part of Singapore I rarely visit since army […]

Our website is live. Currently, the links to all the video interviews are available on a single page, as is a page of “Trivia” that contains posts related to the project as well as on infectious diseases in Singapore (only a few articles at present, but we will increase the number of posts over time). […]

After the fall back to baseline of severe Group B streptococcal infections in August, I did not expect to write another post of GBS so soon. But it just goes to show that the management of outbreaks and implementation of policies are both not always straightforward. An excellent recap of the GBS outbreak in Singapore […]

This week marks World Antibiotic Awareness Week (16th-22nd November 2015), the third since its inception in 2013. It had its genesis in the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, which originated on 18th November 2008, as well as the U.S. “Get Smart about Antibiotics” week (originally in October 2008). It serves as a way to increase public awareness […]