The NHS Quality Premium is a financial incentive given to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) – which commission most of the hospital and community health services in their respective areas in England – that meet or exceed pre-set indicators in health outcome improvement and/or service quality. I was quite intrigued when I learned that antibiotic prescribing […]

I came across this site via a search on “superbugs” on Google News. The UK review team was commissioned by the UK Prime Minister in July 2014, and published its first report about 2 weeks ago. By the end of 2 years – summer 2016 – the Review will have to propose a package of […]

There has been considerable variability in terms of MRSA control in hospitals around the world. This can perhaps be best shown if one looks at the antimicrobial resistance surveillance report published by the European CDC (latest = 2012). I have taken the liberty to copy the relevant diagram (below). It can be seen that the […]