The Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH) released a joint statement last night that included a short statement about the sequencing results of the viruses obtained from two patients from Sim’s Drive. What was of interest was the claim that “the (local) virus belongs to the Asian lineage and likely evolved from the strain that was […]

Following press reports, the Zika epidemic in Singapore has expanded rapidly since it was first reported in the news 6 days ago. There are now 153 cases reported as of yesterday, including two pregnant women. There is also a separate cluster of Zika infections outside of the original Sims Drive/Aljunied Crescent area, at Bedok North Avenue 3. […]

The second case of Zika infection occurred in a woman with no recent history of travel, suggesting that the virus has started to spread locally. Three others living or working near her workplace has also tested positive, according to the Straits Times report. It is important to keep in mind that approximately 80% of Zika […]

Tuberculosis, Singapore Curiously, a report of 2 SMRT train drivers and a crew manager being diagnosed with TB made it to the news today. Only one among them had active disease – the other two were diagnosed with latent tuberculosis which is non-infectious. Such cases are rarely highlighted in our mainstream media. The risk of tuberculosis […]

A non-systematic mention of outbreaks that have caught my attention this week. For a more comprehensive search, there is ProMED Mail. One can also skim through the MOH’s weekly infectious diseases bulletin, which is only about local notifiable diseases (where one can quickly see that we have had more dengue and HFMD cases compared to […]

In an open letter to the World Health Organization, 177 (and counting) international scientists and bioethicists –  including one from Singapore – have called for the Olympic and Para-Olympic games to be either postponed or shifted from its current site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their concern is that holding the Olympics in Rio as […]

Here is a nice infographic published by the MPH online website. Courtesy of Emily Maynard who helped with its creation. Source: