August 6, 2016

Outbreaks (General) 2

Tuberculosis, Singapore

Curiously, a report of 2 SMRT train drivers and a crew manager being diagnosed with TB made it to the news today. Only one among them had active disease – the other two were diagnosed with latent tuberculosis which is non-infectious. Such cases are rarely highlighted in our mainstream media.

Screenshot from the Straits Times webpage

The risk of tuberculosis being transmitted on an MRT train or public bus is minimal. The risk of a road traffic accident is far higher.

Zika, Florida, USA

Aerial spraying against mosquitoes took place in Wynwood, Florida. A highly controversial method for controlling Aedes mosquitoes, because the chemical used – an organophosphate insecticide called Naled – may not reach all the mosquitoes or their breeding sites. There was a new case of Zika reported in Miami outside Wynwood.

mcr-1 in Salmonella, Scotland (ex Southeast Asia)

The plasmid-borne colistin resistance mcr-1 gene continues to be reported from more countries. The latest is Scotland, in a traveler who was diagnosed with Salmonella infection (the Salmonella carried the resistance plasmid). The traveler had recently returned from Southeast Asia, where the plasmid was likely acquired.

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