The final game of our mini-training match, and a good example of the strengths of Wei Ming’s play. It is also quite an experience to be on the wrong side of his training preparation! After this series of games – witnessing first-hand his improvement game by game (because he prepared hard rather than because of […]

As mentioned in an earlier post, I played a series of 4 training games against international master (IM) Goh Wei Ming prior to his European trip. Most were interesting, and I thought I would try my hand at analysing chess games again. Many thanks to top local chess coach Junior Tay who took the trouble […]

Local chess international master (IM) Wei Ming GOH called a time-out on his career to play 4 tournaments in Europe this summer. He had previously achieved 2 grandmaster (GM) norms, and will require another 10-game GM norm (or 2 more GM norms under 10 games each) plus a bunch of FIDE rating points to become […]

I attended the launch of Dr Shashi Jayakumar and Mr Olimpiu Urcan’s marvelous book – Singapore Chess: A History, 1945-1990 – two evenings ago at the National Library.  The book is both a historical treatise – including interviews with many former top Singaporean chess players as well as archived data from multiple sources – as […]

After tying 6-6 at classical time controls – including a short and incredibly dull final game that must have left on-site spectators feeling cheated – Carlsen and Karjakin played a tiebreak match of 4 rapid games (25 minutes with 10-second increment per move) early this morning (New York time 2pm). And what an incredible series […]

We live in strange times: worsening weather, Brexit, President Trump. In the not-too-distant past, I would have estimated Russian ex-prodigy and super-grandmaster Sergey Karjakin’s chance of toppling world champion Magnus Carlsen as being close to zero. The former is ranked number 9 in terms of chess ratings (Carlsen has been number 1 for the past […]

The chess olympiads are finally over, with the very strong men’s USA team powering to its first ever Olympiad gold since 1976 (which the Soviets boycotted). They were seeded second behind the Russian team, but had fielded a team comprising three of the top 10 players in the world (Caruana, Nakamura and So) – the […]