Coincidentally, on the same day I posted my mini-rant about responsibility for antimicrobial resistance, Prof. Michael Edmond, Richard P. Wenzel Professor of Internal Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University also wrote a post about the state of infection prevention programs (no longer “infection control programs”) in the U.S. at his influential blog. It is interesting to […]

Attended the International Congress of Infection Control Association (Singapore) – ICICAS for short – held at the Waterfront Copthorne Hotel in Singapore today. Held over 2 days (with a series of pre-congress workshops on various practical aspects of infection control), this congress is organised by the Infection Control Association (Singapore) (ICAS) and chaired by the […]

After a period of 6-7 years of “rational MRSA control’ targeted towards MRSA containment rather than eradication, many Singaporean public sector hospitals stepped up efforts to reduce their MRSA burden again. While it was clear that the infection control staff from different hospitals were communicating with each other, there was no overall or coordinated strategy among […]

There’s an interesting perspective article published ahead of print in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal (a Centers for Disease Prevention and Control journal), reviewing border entry screening for infectious diseases in the modern age. In a previous post, I had mentioned that border entry screening for infectious diseases is not very effective for detecting patients […]

I promised in an earlier post to discuss what I felt was the first major anti-MRSA campaign in Singapore. Although it occurred not too long ago (estimated 1994/5 – 1998/9), there are no easily obtainable records of what transpired, and I only started work right at the tail end of the “campaign” – at that […]

Currently attending the 15th APCCMI, which is held at the Sunway Convention Centre in KL, Malaysia. The conference is currently in its 2nd day, and will end on Saturday noon (29th November 2014). It brings together many clinician and researchers in the region who are focused on infectious diseases, particularly antimicrobial resistance. Antimicrobial stewardship is […]

What do disparate parts of the world such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Western Australia, and other Scandinavian countries have in common? From an infectious diseases perspective, they all have similarly low rates of healthcare-associated MRSA (and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria) despite being developed countries/regions with sophisticated healthcare. Denmark’s success in controlling healthcare-associated MRSA despite initial […]