Just one additional case over the past 2 days, a nurse at Gangdong Kyung Hee University Hospital. This brings the total to 182 cases, with 32 deaths (case fatality rate of 17.6%). Just under 2/3 of the cases are male. No cases have been reported from Thailand to date – it should be just under one week […]

There were 6 new patients with MERS-CoV infection over the past 3 days of reporting (23rd to 25th June 2015) in South Korea, bringing the total to 181. Deaths now stand at 31 (case fatality rate of 17.1%). One more healthcare institution is now involved – Good Gang-An Hospital in Busan – with a patient who […]

Six new cases between 21st and 22nd June 2015, with a total of 175 in South Korea. There are now 27 deaths (case fatality rate of 15.4%). According to the South Korean health ministry, “only” 2,805 individuals were still being monitored as of 22nd June, representing approximately a 26.8% drop from the day before. The outbreak […]

What has been remarkable so far is the rapid availability of information and data on the MERS-CoV outbreak in South Korea. Anyone with the slightest inclination can – in the comfort of home or office – generate epidemic curves or other informative graphics (and indeed many have done so – my Twitter account is full of […]

The outbreak in South Korea seems to be winding to a close, with just four cases reported over the past two days. There are now 24 deaths from 166 cases (14.5%), with the caveat that probably over half of the cases would not have recovered from their illness yet. I would nonetheless expect the final case […]

MERS-CoV cases in South Korea now stand at 162, with 20 deaths (12.3%). There were 4 and 8 cases confirmed on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Yahoo! News reported that a few of the new patients had not been under quarantine, despite being known contacts of cases. Two-thirds of the infected patients are male, and the […]

The case count had risen to 150, with 16 deaths (10.7%, although most of the infected cases are unlikely to have recovered) as of 14th June 2015. The majority of schools in South Korea that had been closed as a precautionary measure have re-opened yesterday. Samsung Medical Centre, from which close to 50% of all […]