A shameless self-plug. My colleagues and I – or rather, our institutions – were recently awarded a 4-year Collaborative Centre Grant on antimicrobial resistance. The objective of the centre grants, to quote the National Medical Research Council website, is to provide funding that will allow public healthcare institutions to build core research infrastructure and manpower, which in our case will be used to address the problem posed by antimicrobial resistance.


The three partner institutions of CoSTAR-HS: National University Health System, Communicable Disease Centre and Singapore General Hospital.

The website (still in its early days) for our centre grant programme, which goes by the rather unwieldy name “Collaborative Solutions Targeting Antimicrobial Resistance in Health Systems” or CoSTAR-HS for short, is here. There will be 2-3 seed funding grant calls issued over the course of the 4 years. The first of these seed funding calls has just been made (and will be closed on 16th August), the details of which can be found here for those in Singapore who are interested. We are also keen to collaborate with both local and international researchers on projects of mutual interest.

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