July 8, 2017

NUS Commencement 2017

I attended the NUS Commencement yesterday evening at the University Cultural Centre. The participating graduates that evening were from the University Scholars Programme, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, and Institute of Systems Science.

Faculty members were mostly formally dressed; some were in national attire.

A/Prof Alex R Cook is from Scotland. A few members of the faculty ventured to touch his sporran.

The majority of the faculty were in good spirits, as befitting the occasion. The event was presided over by NUS Pro-Chancellor Mr Po’ad bin Shaik Abu Bakar Mattar, while the guest of honour was PAP MP Tin Pei Ling. She delivered a positive speech that in part recounted her trials and tribulations as a first-time general election candidate in 2011.

Several faculty members belonging to SSHSPH.

The VIPs at the Commencement.


The two valedictorians were Mr Alvin Teo – a Masters in Public Health graduate from the School of Public Health – and Ms Poh Yu Ting – who graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences First Class Honours (also conferred the Annie Tan Medal and Prize) from the University Scholars Programme.

The personal highlight of the event was the release of balloons near the end of the Commencement. Last year during my first commencement as a faculty member, I refrained from taking photos, but this year I was not so decorous.

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