It was a great privilege to be invited for the conference organised by the University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Medical Ethics and Law in collaboration with their School of Public Health. Titled “Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: Meeting the Global Challenge of AMR”, the organizers had invited a formidable line-up of local and international speakers, one of the most impressive I have seen for a mid-sized, regional event. My one regret was that I could only stay for the first day of the conference.

The conference was preceded by the annual Wyng-Hatton Lecture, delivered this year by Prof Lawrence Gostin, highly regarded for his work in global health law.

Queuing up to collect entry passes for the conference, which was held at the university’s Moot Court.

Opening address delivered by Prof Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health, The Government of HKSAR.

Keynote lecture delivered by Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer of England, who has become the public face of the global campaign against AMR.

A complex chart showing the web of AMR. No longer just a human biomedical or health concern.

Prof Yuen Kwok-Yung from the University of Hong Kong, also a member of the HK Steering Committee on AMR.

Small, cramped dwelling typical of the way many in Hong Kong live.

Crowded HK hospitals during the flu season.

Prof Yuen speaking to the press during the tea break.

I enjoyed this lecture by Dr Howard Wong, a vet.

A gruesome joke, showing how squalid the conditions are under which most chickens are raised.

Escalating price of meat once antibiotics are not used in their production.

Chicks getting vaccinated at a farm in Hong Kong.

Underwater shot of a fish farm. The background is not a wall, but a net that has not been cleaned for ages.

Mr Jeremy Knox, policy lead for drug-resistant infections at the Wellcome Trust, presenting on how AMR defined as an economic and developmental issue had propelled it towards recognition as a major problem by global leaders.

Prof Ryuichi Ida, President of Shiga University, Japan, discussing ethical considerations during outbreaks.

Dr Christopher Hui speaking on AMR control at the HKU Shenzhen hospital.

Prof Zhang Tong from the Department of Civil Engineering, HKU, describing metagenomic work on environmental samples, identifying antimicrobial resistance genes.

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