Bucket list: to help develop more Singaporean chess grandmasters. This new tournament series in Singapore, starting in June this year, should help.

The official website should be up soon. But in the meantime, more details are available at local top chess coach Junior Tay’s blog.

The major sponsors are QCD Group and Prof Lim Kok Ann’s family. Prof Lim Kok Ann, who passed away in 2003, discovered the virus responsible for the Asian influenza pandemic in 1957-58 and was formerly Dean of the NUS School of Medicine. But chess was always his great passion, perhaps even ahead of medicine. An except from Junior’s blog below.

The local chess players participating in the event are: current joint national champions IM Goh Wei Ming and IM Tin Jingyao, IM Liu Xiangyi, FM Lee Qing Aun, and WIM Gong Qianyun.

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