A short post with no chart this time – mostly good news.

There has been no new MERS-CoV infections in South Korea for the past 5 days, although there are now 35 deaths in 186 patients (case fatality rate of 18.8%) in total. This is the longest stretch without any new cases in South Korea to date. From the WHO report, it seems that there are still 566 contacts being monitored whereas 16,102 (!) contacts have been pronounced free of possible infection.

The second imported MERS-CoV patient in Philippines is a 36-year-old man from Finland. He had passed through Singapore prior to landing in the Philippines, but was not symptomatic at that time. He is now free of the virus, and none of his contacts have developed any symptoms to date. 18 July 2015 is the date after which Philippines can be declared MERS-free (again).

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